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Tour de Pologne 2014 – Stage 4 – Betting Tips

Great start to our betting on this race, just as where we left off. I even got a little extra something from the Bos win, but not much as I kept the betting there to a minimum. Felt the top riders were quite the big favorites to take this, but Theo Bos played the end of the race perfectly.

Just as I expected the peloton would be more fierce in their attempt to catch up with the breakaways after the “shocking” win by Vakoc on stage 2. When 4 riders broke away early in the race it did not take long before the main group of riders decided to up the tempo and get moving. They easily caught up with them and we were witnessing a mass sprint at the end. This one were played perfectly by Bos who sat on the wheel of the big ones and attacked on the final stretch which secured him the win.

Tarnów Gemini Park to Katowice – Stage 4 Preview

It is time for yet another flat stage. Somewhat longer and a uphill climb in the middle there, but for the most part we will find that the sprinters once again are gonna duke it out for the stage win. As said this one is also a little longer than yesterday, and given that it was hard riding yesterday we might see someone take it easy here. Could pose a chance for a break, but again we believe that the sprinter teams likely won’t have any of that and should do their part to get their riders at the front.

The ending here is also interesting as there will be about 4 laps of little over 12km that is filled with turns and bends. If we haven’t already had enough crashes and accidents, there is bound to be someone pushing the boundary here and get a little too frisky in a turn. The final stretch is about 1km of a straight line, so there is room for the power riders to really get it going.

Our Predictions

The favorites are about the same as the ones we had yesterday. Bos, Matthews, Mecgez, Matthews, Modolo, Hutarovich and so on will likely get to the finish line in the top ten and we are gonna have an exciting one.

The first one is weird. Boris Vallee should be the clear favorite, but William Hill has given him the highest odds. Easy value bet right here.

Hutarovich didn’t look as strong yesterday and might have burned a little too much off in his victory race. Against Tyler Farrar he should be the favorite in going up at the top, but we foresee him giving another weak showing and probably give a chance for Farrar to overtake him here.

Finally we have two close riders in terms of strength, but Stepniak should be favored in this ending. If he gets in a sprint he should have the big edge over Chavanel when it is slight downhill. Combine this with the fact that his riding has been a bit sub-par so far we like a bet on Stepniak to do his job here.

Match-up: Boris Vallee to beat Ramon Sinkeldam, 2.05 @ William Hill

Match-up: Tyler Farrar to beat Yauheni Hutarovich, 2.37 @ William Hill

Match-up: Grzegorz Stepniak to beat Sebastian Chavanel, 1.83 @ Bet365